Salford University Acoustics Lab Projects

Meeting challenging acoustic requirements...

Working to a very specific brief with only a few days notice to design, test and implement systems very different from the norm, our staff have worked with Salford University’s world-renowned acoustic labs on a number of occasions to create audio systems capable of recreating the intense environments experienced by pilots of modern aircraft.

Unfortunately a non-disclosure agreement prevents us from detailing the full design specifications and response plots that needed to be reproduced, but needless to say they are always a task far beyond the needs of your average rock ‘n’ roll concert. Particular highlights include the requirement for 115dB of SPL at an incredible 20Hz frequency and around 40 points of parametric equalisation needed to achieve the exact opposite of the traditional ‘flat response’, and for another test, generating 142dB broadband SPL across a diffuse area for 5 minute bursts.

Neuron has repeatedly provided bespoke design of specialist systems to meet demanding requirements for lab based testing of equipment to exacting specifications in a multitude of circumstances and simulations – including helicopter cockpit noise, flight path air pressure, infrasonics and more.

It has always been a pleasure to work with the team from Neuron. We presented them with a very challenging request to provide a system able to simulate some demanding low frequency specifications to a high degree of accuracy, and their response was been excellent. We have found Neuron to be knowledgeable, have great attention to detail and to have a great customer service attitude on top. Claire Lomax, Technical Manager, Acoustic Test & Calibration Laboratory, University of Salford