Experience, imagination & quality

It starts simply enough – with an inspired theme. A loosely formed plan. The seeds of something epic.

It’s our job to build upon your initial vision, adding the essentials and managing the entire process so that you can focus on engaging your audience.

To create and develop events we study your brand, identify your target audience, design an exciting event concept, plan the logistics, and coordinate all aspects of production from start to finish.

That involves sourcing incredible performers and musicians to entertain your guests. Choosing a venue, and managing the layout, fire safety, or the design & styling of your set-pieces or stage. We also make sure that every speaker or artists’ needs are met, covering technical riders and full show advancing.

In modern times, events also need to consider social distancing. We have pioneered COVID safe working conditions both at our new, dedicated Studio and out in the field. Our new platform offers resilient hybrid event concepts using live streaming platforms to deliver your message with the same exemplary standards of production.

MOSI Lighting for a wedding.