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Sound, Live Production & Backline

Our audio systems don’t just sound great.

We bring our experience from delivering exceptional audio to crowds of up to 50,000 people to each and every show.

Each client receives a proposal from our in-house creative team, outlining our offering. This includes our comprehensive design & tuning process, with full documentation, predictions and verification.

Plus all the nice-to-have extra options you may not have considered.

Put simply; you know what you’re getting for your money.


In short, better quality, with crystal clear vocals and details. We put more sound where you need it – in the crowd – rather than annoying the musicians on stage, or spilling out into the neighbourhood’s gardens and living rooms.

Not only that, but we can achieve concert-level sound for many thousands of people at a lower cost to your wallet, and the environment.

We don’t just ask you to take our word for it – our client portfolio and testimonials speak for themselves.

The clarity, power and coverage were incredible, and I've never heard a system sound as good. It was night and day above the d&b J8 line-array that we had last year...which was not a shabby system. Andy Grey / Clockwork Productions Ltd

Our unique approach focuses on increased clarity, reduced transport requirements, and vastly-improved efficiency. We achieve this through cutting-edge, brand-agnostic research and development, tested out in the field.

We understand that audio can seem complicated. As your trusted technology partner, we ensure that you’re included and informed, every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more, or take a deep dive into our comprehensive guide to Danley here:


Here at Neuron we are passionate about production but sound will always be our first love. We are generally never happier than when at the helm of a mixing desk working to make our favourite DJs, bands and musicians sound the best they possibly can. 

We know that good sound starts with the source and our stock of live production equipment and backline has been chosen as a reflection of that ethos. From mixing desks to microphones, drum kits to guitar amps we have it covered. 

DJs are somewhat of a speciality of ours. With one of the largest stocks of specialist DJ equipment in the North West you never have to worry about meeting the most demanding of DJ technical riders again. Get in touch for more information on our full range of rotary & fader based DJ mixers, Technics 1210 turntables and Pioneer CDJs.


Why does yours sound better?

Danley Sound Labs, Inc build loudspeakers which are unique and deliver a clear, pure, natural and uncoloured sound at the audience’s seats, using fewer cabinets, fewer channels of amplification and less mains power than the competition.

What is backline?

Backline refers to all of the equipment that bands plug in on stage to perform such as drums, guitars, instrument amplifiers and DJ equipment.

Do I need a different sound system for a band and a DJ?

The answer to this question is often, it depends. Thankfully our stock of Danley Sound Labs equipment is at home whatever the source material. With some rival products being much more suited to one or the other. Depending on the mix of content we can always design the ideal system for all the requirements.